Sit At The Table

Sit At The Table

Meals are meant to rejuvenate your mind and body. They give you the nourishment you need to get through the day and accomplish your goals. They are a chance to sit down and just relax or enjoy your time with others. Unfortunately, a lot of meals are not eaten at the table. They are eaten on the couch, in the bedroom, standing up or on the go.

The problem with this is the lack of mindful eating.

When you’re busy watching television or reading a book while eating, you’re not concentrating on what you put in your mouth. Rather, you’re busy concentrating on what is happening elsewhere.

Nowadays, a lot of times you may find each family member eating by themselves. This is often due to reasons such as:

  • Different schedules
  • Different diets
  • Habit

And those living alone often don’t even bother sitting at the table.

The challenge for today is for you to sit at a table. This means setting the table and actually sitting down to consume your meal. Before you sit down to eat, make sure you get rid of distractions. Turn off the television and put your phone down and just concentrate on each bite you eat.

The idea is to train yourself to eat every meal at the table not just one meal. If you do this each day, you’ll see positive results in your life.

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