At, we recognize that the privacy of your personal information is of utmost importance. As such, we never engage in selling your information to third parties. That said, we do collect certain information that comes in handy in analyzing what works for the site and what doesn’t work.

Information we collect includes:

Email addresses

Aspoc collects voluntarily given information such as your name and email address. For example, you can provide such information when you subscribe to our newsletter, submit an inquiry via our contact form or leave a comment on the website.


Aspoc may log information via the use of cookies. Cookies are basically small data files. They are stored on your browser by the website and are intended to provide you with a personalized experience whenever you visit a website. For example, when you comment on a post, the information you provide will be stored and can be used to provide you with a reply to your comments.

This site also uses third party advertisements such as Google AdSense advertisements and third party service providers such as Google Analytics. Such advertisers tend to use technology such as cookies whenever they advertize on our site. However, you can determine whether or not the website sets cookies. You can also delete your cookies whenever you wish.


Display ads

We may make use of third-party advertising companies when it comes to serving content and advertisements. Such companies may use cookies. It is up to you to opt-in or opt-out of this type of data collection.

Affiliate program participation

We may be involved in affiliate programs. This means that when you click on an embedded tracking link that is intended for an affiliate partnership, a cookie shall be placed on your browser. The purpose of this is you track any sales so that the commission that arises from the sale can be tracked by the website.

Kindly note, this privacy policy is for this site. If you are redirected to a third-party site, it is up to you to read and study the privacy policy of such sites.

Last but not least

The content in this website is copy written to Vicky Tsiluma. That is, with the exception of guest posts. Do not use any information on this site without express permission. If someone chooses to share a guest post, he or she retains the copyright. Aspoc cannot give you the permission to use the work of a guest poster.

After all is said and done, this privacy policy is susceptible to updates. Thus, it is important that you keep checking from time to time to take note of any such changes. If you have questions about this privacy policy, feel free to get in touch with me.