Matatu Drama

Matatu Drama
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The matatu was packed.

Instead of carrying 3 passengers per row, the conductor managed to squeeze in 4 passengers. As such, the 4-5 hours journey from Nairobi to Kibwezi started off on a bad foot. But off we went. A few minutes later, the vehicle stopped at a petrol station and some passengers took the opportunity to go to the bathroom and some bought some things to eat.

One woman had started eating even before the journey took off. She’d carried some boiled eggs and buns and she ate them before the matatu left the city center. Several people raised their eyebrows as the woman bought some boiled maize at the petrol station and proceeded to munch on it as the matatu fueled.

An hour later, the matatu made another stop. And again, the woman took no time in buying some food stuff and munching on them. Half an hour later, the drama started.

It started with a farting sound and followed with a foul smell and complaining passengers.

And then suddenly, the woman’s voice was heard pleading emphatically with the driver to stop the vehicle. The car stopped abruptly – such was the driver’s shock at the loud plea. The woman alighted and fortunately found a bush to hide behind as she did the necessary. The journey continued. A few passengers grumbled but no one spoke out about the incident.

Half an hour later, the woman was back at it. And this time the bush was barely enough to hide her.

To cut a long story short, the matatu made several stops to allow the woman to go to the roadside ‘bathroom’. Long before the third stop, the passengers had forgotten to be angry at the delayed journey and started cackling outright every time the woman alighted to take care of her running stomach.

Oh the shame!

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