Donkey Meat Saga

Donkey Meat Saga
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Back in the day when my siblings and I were kids, every school holiday was spent in the country side. All of our cousins would meet at our grandma’s house and we were not to be left behind. Of course, the journey itself was part of the whole ‘holiday adventure’.

So this day, we woke up earlier than usual prepared to start the journey.

My mom made the final checks and off we went to the country bus station. After hustling for tickets, we were finally on our way. Of course I sat at the back of the bus. It was my favorite seat. My siblings sat on the seats in front of me and my mom further up. Our dad didn’t make the journey (my parents traveled at different times ever since an accident nearly took both of them).

The journey went on well. We made some stops and a preacher climbed in and then several salesmen, all peddling their message and wares. They alighted after a few more stops and we bade Nairobi goodbye.

And then we arrived at Nakuru and it was time to take a short break and buy some food before the journey continued. Since the break was a short one and at a petrol station, all we could do is dash to the bathroom and buy some things from hawkers. One of the things almost every one bought was samosas – fat ones.

And I must admit, they were juicy samosas.

I mean, it’s not every day you get fat meaty samosas as a fairly cheap price. And that I suppose should have been the first sign that something was wrong. Anyway, we ate as the journey continued. It was later on as we arrived at our grandma’s homestead that we saw the news. Several hawkers had been caught red-handed selling samosas filled with donkey meat in Nakuru. We looked at each other recalling the samosas we’d eaten.

At that time, eating donkey meat was a taboo. And this is especially so since such meat is not inspected by health inspectors. But what could we do? Pretend the extra meaty samosas contained beef? Start throwing up long after the fact? Nothing. There was nothing we could do but determine never to buy anything when traveling. A whole travel routine scrapped and all because of the donkey meat saga (sigh).

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