Chicken run

Chicken run
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Hope and Carla were on a mission.

It was the type of mission that required solo focus to accomplish.

They had been invited to a group reunion. A group that included some peers they hadn’t seen since high school and nothing was going to stop them from attending. Not their numerous chores. Not their classes at college and certainly not the fact that they were supposed to cook lunch for some relatives arriving from the country side.

By 11a.m, they were on their way.

They hopped into a matatu and arrived at a house in Kimathi estate. Most of their friends were already there and the oohing and aahing started as everyone got reacquainted.

Everything was going great. Hope and Carla enjoyed the sodas on offer and watched on impressed as a former classmate not known for his cooking skills cooked a large ugali. The type of ugali that would give a luhya a run for his money.

But one thing perplexed them.

There was no stew in sight. Oh yes, the onions, tomatoes and royko muchizi mix were there. But nothing else. No vegetables. No nothing. That’s when things got interesting.

The guys were called outside. Apparently, it was time to ‘get the vegetables’.

Hope and Carla watched in astonishment as the guys shamelessly started chasing some chicken. Nope, not their own chicken. But some neighborhood chicken that just happened to be going about their day of getting their daily feed before returning to their coop late in the evening. Oh the drama!

Let’s just say, the two young ladies ‘remembered’ they had relatives coming over. The task that had seemed like a bother suddenly became more preferable than the chicken run shenanigans going on in the unsuspecting neighborhood.

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