Angry Birds Toons and The Never Give Up Pigs

Angry Birds Toons and The Never Give Up Pigs

Honestly, I started watching angry birds – the cartoon episodes – as a comic relief. When you spend your day blogging or ghostwriting, you need to take your breaks wherever you can. I chose angry birds simply because of its length. Most of the episodes are about 2 minutes in length. After watching two to three episodes, I am ready to write again.

And that has a lot to do with the episodes.

Angry birds is more than just a cartoon. It showcases the extent to which people will go to get things that they think they deserve despite the effects their actions will have on others. On one hand, we have the birds who are protecting their eggs and on the other hand, we have the pigs who just want to eat a tasty egg dish and would do anything to get them.

The amount of creativity shown in the over 100 episodes of Angry birds is simply amazing. Every episode brings its own shenanigans. Those pigs are really determined and they come close achieving their goal time and time again. And their ‘big baby’ king, shamelessly smirks each time the pigs ‘defeat’ the birds and he pouts – actually pouts – when victory is snatched from their fingertips. You gotta love him.

But the birds are not to be left behind. They will do everything to protect their eggs. At the end of the day, the pigs are defeated but they live to try again and again.

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