Welcome to my blog. I am Vicky, the chief content writer and recipe developer behind A Sprinkle of Chili (ASPOC), a mostly food, stories and product reviews blog. If you’re looking for recipes with locally available ingredients, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find a mix of modern and traditional foods and new ways to cook such foods to make the most of the same ingredients.

My posts include articles, stories, guides and honest reviews on food and products I come across or I’m sent to review. I also write poems and TV and movies reviews because a lot of times art imitates life. It’s my hope that the articles and recipes inspire you to explore and create various dishes. Enjoy.

Personal staff:

  • I am a thirty-something work-from-home ghostwriter. I have been writing fulltime for over 7 years now.
  • I currently live in Kenya.
  • I write poems and I am an active member of the poetry site, PoetrySoup.
  • I hated pumpkin until I ate it in chapati – I still can’t eat it by itself.
  • I love smoothies and smoothie popsicles – (manual blenders are a sham, mostly).
  • I can’t sing or dance but I used to recite poetry – oh the good old days.
  • My favorite color is blue and I’m partial to browns but I consciously try to add more colors in my life.
  • Growing up, the one rule I followed was ‘never go’. It served me well. Don’t ask.

PS, I am neither a nutritionist nor a doctor. My aim is to capture the snippets of who we are as a people and provide recipes with locally available ingredients while introducing varied flavors and textures. Recipes that are geared towards health and weight loss will be pointed out specifically but you should keep an eye on what you eat to see how certain recipes and ingredients impact your life…Feel free to leave your comments and experiences. I’d love to read them. For now, adieu- till we meet again.