3 Reasons To Go On A Diet

3 Reasons To Go On A Diet

Is going on a diet worth it? Well, that depends on who you ask. If you ask someone who is tired of being sick or overweight, they will assure you that it is worth taking the chance.

But if you ask someone who has tried dieting and failed over and over again, you might get a different answer. Frankly speaking, no one wants to be on the losing team. This is especially true if you know you’ve put in the work to no avail.

But that’s no reason to lose hope.

Diets work. Or, to be more specific, some diets work. They work because they change the way your body uses energy. A great example of this is the keto diet. This diet makes sure that you burn fat as your go-to source of fuel. It targets the fat in your fat store and as such, you end up losing weight simply because your body is burning fat. But why should you go on a diet?

Well, 3 good reasons to go on a diet include:

Targeted weight loss

A diet allows you to lose weight. Not just any weight but the weight you want to lose. For example, you may determine that you want to lose 10kg. In this case, you’ll have something to work towards. You won’t be working towards a blind goal. You’ll be working towards targeted weight loss.

The amount you want to lose becomes your target. Each week, you’ll be able to measure the progress you’re making towards achieving your target and this will keep you motivated. It will retain your focus and help keep your eye on the price.

Of course, you’ll want to be realistic when determining how much weight you want to lose within a certain period of time. You don’t want to lose a lot of weight drastically. That would be dangerous for your health.

Time bound

Another reason to go on a diet is the time bound nature of diets. Few diets last forever. Most are bound by time. For example, you can decide to diet for 21 days or 31 days. That time frame makes the diet more bearable because you know that whatever ‘sacrifices’ you’re making, you won’t make them forever. You’ll only be uncomfortable for a short while before you achieve your target.

You can have a lot of fun crossing out the days as you complete each day of dieting. And the fact that every single day you cross brings you closer to your target is the motivation you need to stick it out.


Dieting brings various rewards. If you do it right, you end up losing weight, acquiring a smoother skin and gaining energy. Those are not simple rewards. They are great rewards. And you’ll be able to achieve them if you stick to your dieting plan.

But there are other rewards that come with dieting.

For instance, you’ll feel good about following the diet to the last day. Not many people do it. So it is not something to be taken for granted. If you follow the diet through, you should be proud of your accomplishments. You’ve done well. And you’re allowed to feel good about yourself.

This brings us to the reward you’ll give yourself.

Yes, you are allowed to reward yourself after completing your diet. You know what you went through. You know how hard you had to work to stay the course. You know the issues you had to deal with. So, why not give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done?

One thing you can do is get a new wardrobe.

Think about it. Once you lose some weight, your old clothes will become a bit lose. You can take them to a tailor for adjustments or you can get rid of them and start anew. The idea of getting a new wardrobe at the end of your diet can be a great motivating factor for you to complete the diet. After all, you will have a legitimate reason to change your diet. A new wardrobe sounds like a great reward, so why not take the chance and go on a diet?

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